The Secrets of an Everlasting Oasis


“In this tiny island of green with its shifting border of deadly sand, verdant farms and buried water, rests the whole of human history and its future.” 

– Harry Thurston, Island of the Blessed
The Dakhleh Oasis Project 

Scientists at the Dakhleh Oasis Project have been researching this ancient landscape since 1978. Through almost four decades they have studied the movement of humans across this part of the Sahara; they have uncovered lost towns, temples and tombs swallowed by desert sands; found ancient wooden books and hundreds of papyrus documents and personal letters. All these discoveries are revealing the daily lives and unusual religious practices of a forgotten people.


What we do


The Dakhleh Oasis Trust was formed in 1999 and is a UK registered charity. Its primary role is to raise funds for the continuation of study within the Dakhleh Oasis Project.


 How to donate