The Dakhleh Trust 

The Trust was formed in 1999 and is registered as a charity in the United Kingdom.

It’s primary role is to raise funds for the continuation of study within the Dakhleh Oasis Project.

Its declared aim is to advance understanding of the history of the environment and cultural evolution throughout the Quaternary Period in the eastern Sahara and particularly in the Dakhleh Oasis in the Western Desert of Egypt. At present the trustees believe that they can best achieve this aim by supporting the work of the Dakhleh Oasis Project whose current activities and plans are described in this website.

The Dakhleh Trust is a registered UK charity, number 1077449

Trustee Members:

  • Glenys CARTER, CHAIR
  • Dr. Judith TROWELL, Treasurer
  • Catherine BAINES, Secretary to the board
  • Simon DEMARE
  • John Patrick O’CARROLL
  • Dr. Helen V. WHITEHOUSE
  • Antonia WILLIS
  • Tim DUNN
  • Observers Anthony MILLS and Dr Ashten WARFE

Individual Investigators (Past + Present)

  • Prof. R S Bagnall, Classicist Amheida Director. New York University
  • Mansour Beyumi Sayed, Dakhleh Oasis resident.  Project cook, chef de maison, general factotum, driver
  • Emeritus Prof. Rufus Churcher, Palaeontologist, zoologist. University of Toronto.  Victoria B.C.
  • A/Prof. Colin Hope, Excavator at Mut el-Kharab and Ismant el-Kharab.  Monash University, Melbourne
  • Prof. Olaf Kaper, Egyptologist, epigraphic specialist.  Leiden University
  • Ewa Kuciewicz, Rock Art specialist, Cracow, Poland
  • Emeritus Prof. Maxine Kleindienst, Old Stone Age Africa specialist. University of Toronto
  • Prof. Fred Leemhuis, Islamicist. University of  Groningen, Netherlands
  • Dr Mary MacDonald, Holocene Prehistory specialist; University of Calgary
  • Prof. Anthony J. Mills, Project director, excavator at ‘Ain Birbiyeh Temple and ‘Ain el-Gazzareen. University of Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum
  • John O’Carroll, Artist, Cornwall
  • Emmeritus Professor Manfred Woidich, Dialectologist. University of Amsterdam
  • Adam Zielinski, Stone conservator.  Hamilton, Canada
  • Dr. Hab. Ursula Thanheiser, University of Vienna, Archaeobotanist
  • Professor Tosha Dupres, Physical Anthropology, University of Central Florida
  • Dr Peter Sheldrick, Physical Anthropology
  • Dr Gillian Bowen, Christian Egypt, Monash University
  • Professor Iain Gardener, Manichaean Studies
  • Professor Klaas Worp, Greek, Leiden University
  • Dr Helen Whitehouse, Art Historian, Oxford University
  • Dr Pawel Pawliski, Posnan Museum
  • Dr Ashten Warfe, Monash University
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