A brief list of Publications published by project members and about the project:

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  • Edwards, W.I., C.A. Hope, and E.R. Segnet,  Ceramics from the Dakhleh Oasis.  Preliminary Studies.  Burwood, 1987.
  • K.A. Worp (ed), Greek Papyri from Kellis I,  Oxford, 1995.
  • Gardner, Iain,  Kellis Literary texts I,  Oxford, Oxbow, 1996.
  • Worp, K.A., and A. Rijksbaron (eds), The Kellis Isocrates Codex, Oxford, Oxbow, 1997.
  • Bagnall, Roger S., The Kellis Agricultural Account Book, Oxford, 1997.
  • Churcher, C.S., and A.J. Mills, Reports from the Survey of the Dakhleh oasis 1977-1987,Oxford , 1999.
  • Hope, C.A., and A.J. Mills, (eds), Preliminary reports on the1992-1993 and 1993- 1994 Field Seasons,  Oxford, 1999.
  • Gardner, Iain, Anthony Alcock  and Wolf-Peter Funk, Coptic Documentary texts  volume 1, Oxford, 1999.
  • Marlow, C.A. and A. J. Mills,(eds), The Oasis Papers.  Proceedings of the First Internatuional Symposium of the Dakhleh Oasis Project,  Oxford, 2001.
  • Hope, Colin A. And Gillian E. Bowen (eds), Preliminary Reports on the 1994-1995 to 1998-1999 Field Seasons, Oxford, Oxbow, 2002.
  • Bowen, Gillian E and Colin A. Hope, (eds), The Oasis Papers 3 Proceedings of the Third International Conference of rthe Dakhleh Oasis Project, Oxford, 2003
  • Kaper, Olaf E., The Egyptian God Tutu,  Leuven, 2003.
  • Worp, K. A., (ed), Greek Ostraca from Kellis, Oxford, 2004
  • Schijns, Wolf, with Olaf Kaper and Joris Kila, Vernacular Mudbrick Architecture in the Dakhleh Oasis and the Design of the Dakhleh Oasis Training and  Archaeological Conservation Centre,  Oxford, 2008.
  • Wiseman, Marcia, F., (ed), The Oasis Papers 2, Proceedings of the Second  International Conference of the Dakhleh Oasis Project,  Oxford, 2008.
  • Thanheiser, Ursula, Times of Change.  Environment and Subsistence in Late Prehistoric Dakhleh Oasis, Vienna, 2008.
  • Bagnall, Roger S., Paola Davoli and Colin A. Hope (eds), The Oasis Papers 6, Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference of the Dakhleh Oasis Project, Oxford, Oxbow, 2012.
  • Dakhleh Oasis and the Wester Desert in Egypt under the Ptolemies, Janes C R Gill – Oxbow Books
  • Harry Thurston – Island of the Blessed: The Secrets of Egypt’s Everlasting Oasis
  •  James C. R. Gill – Dakhleh Oasis And The Western Desert Of Egypt Under The Ptolemis, 2017 Doubleday/Random House
  • Ashten R Warfe – Prehistoric Pottery From Dakhleh Oasis Egypt, 2018
  • M. Kobusiewicz. The Production, Use and Importance of Flint Tools in the Archaic Period and the Old Kingdom of Egypt, Archaeopress Egyptology 12,  2015
  • Pawel Lech Polkowski, Krajobraz i sztuka naskalna.  W palimpsescie egipskiej Oazy Dachla, [Landscape and Rock Art.  In the Palimpsest of the Dakhleh Oasis]   Poznan, 2016.  English summary.
  • PLUS an uncounted number of articles in scientific journals world-wide
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