Continuing Investigations 

Projects to be continued seeking future funding and projects to be initiated seeking full funding:

1.  Investigation of the settlement site surrounding ’Ain Birbiyeh temple.  Adam Zielinski, chief investigator.

2.  Continuation of decorated plaster conservation of Ismant Tutu chapel.  Prof.O.E. Kaper, chief investigator, L. Blondaux, chief plaster conservator  Preparing panels for museum display four seasons.

3  Survey and excavation of Holocene Prehistoric sites in Western Dakhleh. Dr Ashten Warfe, principal investigator.

4.  Continuation of survey of sandstone quarries, central Oasis area.  Adam Zielinski, investigator.

5. Continuation of house restoration project at el-Qasr. Prof. Fred Leemhuis, principal investigator with local crew.

6.  Continuation of physical anthropological study of ‘Kellis 2’ cemetery and comparative analysis of other sites (eg.,Amheida).  Principal investigators are Prof. Tosha Dupras and Dr P.G. Sheldrick.

7.  Continuation of Rock Art recording. Investigators: Ewa Kuciewicz and Dr Pawel-Pawliski.

8.  Continuation of excavation at Gazzareen.  A.J. Mills, principal investigator.

9.  Continuation of excavation at Amheida.  Investigators: Prof. Roger Bagnall and Dr Paula Davoli.

10.  Continuation of excavation at Mut el-Kharab.  Dr Colin A. Hope, principal investigator.

11.  Continuation of excavation at Ismant el-Kharab.  Prtincipal investigator, Dr Colin A. Hope.

12. Dakhleh Oasis Prehistoric Dating – Tying into Dakhleh Oasis dating and cultural development. Investigators: Dr M.M.A. McDonald and crew of dating and archaeological investigation experts.

Proposed projects, following past discoveries: 

13.  Investigation of Early Man site in eastern Dakhleh.  Prehistoric group. Unknown number of seasons due to difficulty of excavation.

14.  Excavation of Deir el-Molouk church.  Dr Gillian Bowen, investigator and archaeological team.

15.  Excavation of ’Ain el-Azizi settlement site.  Dr Colin A. Hope, principal investigator and archaeological team.

16.  Development of Education Programme for Oasis archaeology-related  subjects.  Teaching of excavation, recording, conservation, photography, new technology and English language to local people as preparation for university.

A comprehensive breakdown of costs needed for each individual project itemised  here in the 5 yr projection can be provided upon request.  

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