• Oldest books ever found.  +360 AD.
  • 500,000 years-old remains of human activity
  • + 600 archaeological sites
  • Extinct faunal species
  • Meterorite impact zone, dated by lithics
  • Neolithic developments about 500 years before similar events in Nile Valley
  • 18 monographs published, several hundred scientific articles
  • 100s if not 1000s of rock art depictions
  • Old Kingdom trading/exploration settlement
  • 7 stone temples of historical periods
  • Cretaceous extinct animals, dinosaurs discovered
  • Shoreline of Tethys Ocean discerned
  • Roman fort beneath Islamic village of el-Qasr.
  • Restoration Medieval Islamic village
  • Restoration of Deir el-Hagar Roman temple
  • Study of ancient botanical records from 6th to 1st millennia
  • New turtle for Egypt.  Cretaceous. Discovery 2015.
  • Publication of results: 16 monographs; hundreds of scientific articles.
  • Excavation of ‘Ain Birbiyeh temple.  Augustus Caesar date.  New deity- Amun-Nakht.
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