Environmental Importance

Geological, zoological and botanical and archaeological evidence charts natural and man-induced environmental changes through the last 500,000 years.  Project scientists are pioneering new methods of dating water samples to determine the source of Dakhleh’s groundwater.  Historians trace man’s use of this precious water supply and document the pattern of soil salinisation and its effect on the agricultural economy.

The springs of Dakhleh derive from such depth that the water is hot.
Many flow naturally and uncontrolled
Sometimes wells overflow and create small lakes.
Irrigation right up to the desert edge.
An 'Acacia Nilotica' tree probably over 1000 years old.
Palm gardens
A small irrigation channel.
The 'saqia', a water-lifting device, driven by a bullock.
A desert lake, created by a well's overspill.
Evening stillness.
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